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"Mr President, our group supports the work carried out, thus far, by Mr Van Dam and the Council, together. We feel that this recommendation is a major step forwards, particularly in the field of maritime safety, especially since the statistics of past years are extremely alarming: in the last 10 years, between 1990 and 1999, we recorded the sinking of 146 bulk carriers and the deaths of 780 crew members, all of which occurred during the loading or unloading of these carriers. The Commission’s directive harmonises, at last, a field of legislation which has allowed too many, too dangerous exceptions in the past. We are going to harmonise the loading and unloading procedures, the safety standards inside and outside terminals and the levels of responsibility on board vessels and ashore. I welcome the fact that all this has served to improve quality, first and foremost; we feel that quality must be an essential, basic condition if safety standards are to be satisfactory. I welcome the fact that a balance was found quickly between Parliament and the Council’s positions, a balance which, moreover, respects the spirit of the amendments proposed and adopted by Parliament as well. At last, as of today, we are on the way to more stringent legislation, to a code of procedure which has the merit of courageously placing safety above all other concerns, including economic and financial concerns. That is why we are totally satisfied with the final version of this report."@en1

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