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"Mr President, may I first express my appreciation of Mr Swoboda’s arguments and also of the thoroughness of the work he has done. At the same time, we are fully convinced that the set objective of the protocol in question is a good one: the environmental protection of Austria within the Alpine region. The Commission intends to maintain this objective, and we are also convinced, as the proposed regulation to the Commission suggests, that the 108% clause should be eliminated. I shall confine myself quickly to two puzzling facts. The first is a matter of logic: the clause operates on the number of transit journeys, regardless of the ecological performance of the vehicle, and therefore more ecologically friendly vehicles mean more ecopoints saved, more journeys accumulated and a greater risk of going over the 108% quota. The result is a paradox: operators are discouraged from choosing less polluting vehicles. The second puzzle is a practical one: the sampling system is unreliable, the critical threshold would seem to be exceeded by 0.6%, or 10 000 journeys, but according to a Commission study there are 92 000 vehicles that entered Austria and did not leave. We are dealing with a system that has demonstrated that it is absolutely unreliable: the 108% limit has not been proved effective; the penalties are quite excessive, with 150 rights of transit less as a result of exceeding the 108% threshold. Mr President, these are the technical and objective reasons why the Italian delegation will vote in favour of the Commission proposal."@en1

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