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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, the expectations of the Belgian Presidency are rightly high, and with regard to the enforcement of respect for human rights the Belgian Presidency can certainly play a notable role. The same applies to the determining of a common EU position on the occasion of the extraordinary session on children’s rights at the United Nations. It would be generally appreciated if the Belgian Presidency were to succeed in getting the European Union to speak with one voice. It can build on the efforts already made by the Swedish Presidency to decide on a common strategy. As far as content is concerned there should be especial emphasis on the fact that as regards free access to education for all children and guaranteed health care provision, binding agreements should be made. The European Parliament should pay extra attention to the situation of children in the candidate-Member States, specifically Bulgaria and Romania. For that matter it could be decisive if the European Parliament were to take the initiative of inserting the dimension of the rights of the child into the rights of human beings in general. In addition I should like to urge the EU in bilateral exchanges between European Member States and third countries to focus attention systematically on the situation of children in the third countries. This approach will undoubtedly bear fruit if pursued consistently."@en1

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