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"I voted for Mr Maaten’s report and I want to emphasise what a good job our rapporteur has done. I am glad Parliament is finally stating its position on such an important issue, but, at the same time, I regret that it left it until 181 days before the introduction of the euro. It is high time we took a stance on an issue that is an economic priority and continues to give rise to some doubt and disquiet among the general public. The Maaten report draws attention to the main problems and suggests practical solutions that could make the switchover to the euro easier. These suggestions should be taken on board at all levels of decision-making and in every sector. Let us not forget that the people of Europe also have a key role to play, alongside the companies and financial circles, and that their reactions depend on the effectiveness of the information campaigns conducted so far. Once again, the disappointing results of these campaigns show how necessary it is to make practical proposals that have a direct effect on people’s daily lives. If these proposals are put into practice, they should help turn understandable apprehension into legitimate expectation."@en1

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