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"Madam President, Mr President-in-Office of the Council, the Swedish presidency will, unfortunately, be remembered for the fact that, for the first time since the European Communities were founded, police officers, who are, by the way, European police officers, fired real bullets at European demonstrators. The Swedish presidency will be remembered for this violence and this contempt, the contempt with which European leaders have treated the result of the referendum in Ireland. The Göteborg Summit has shown that the European Union was almost becoming a Forbidden City, as foreign to the people of Europe as the Manchu dynasty to the most remote Mongolian tribes and treating them with just as much contempt. The EU is totally indifferent to the peoples’ sovereign views remember, if you will, the ‘no’ vote of the people of Denmark of 28 September 2000, which was treated with equal contempt. I believe that the European Union is in the process and I know that this will perhaps cause some shock of reviving a colonial style approach towards the nations within it, with the slight difference that, in this case, the colonial power intends to develop colonisation rather than to initiate it, as has been the case in the past. That is why I believe that the reaction of the Irish people, who, for a long time, have had their fingers burnt by history, heralds a general feeling of rebellion amongst the people of Europe – to face up to this new type of almost endogenous neo-colonialism that is emerging, which has wanted to rule over them since Maastricht, Amsterdam and now Nice, and to bring them the benefits of an essentially healthy undertaking namely Europe – whether they like it or not."@en1

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