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". Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, to point out the contribution that the European political parties have made to the affirmation of democratic values and the strengthening of a European awareness, the Nice European Council approved an addition to Article 191 concerning the statute of political parties at a European level and, in particular, the rules regarding their financing. Until the Nice decision is ratified, it is appropriate that a set of rules should be defined that apply to the creation and financing of the parties to ensure immediate effectiveness and transparency in this field from this moment on. This is the purpose of the timely proposal by the European Commission, to which can be added the proposals set out in the report by Mrs Schleicher, whom I congratulate on the quality of her work. The opinion of the Committee on Budgets seeks to strengthen the guarantees of transparency in the financing of parties, particularly through the express identification of the origin and destination of all funds. At the same time, the clear distinction between political groups in the European Parliament and European political parties is maintained for the next legislature, particularly as regards their buildings and staff."@en1

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