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"Mr President, it is unacceptable to give the impression that minority parliamentary groups and the smallest groups in this Parliament, which have taken the initiative of proposing that we reject this report, have done so in order to conceal the funding of European political parties, or those that claim to be such. This is simply an attempt, by the large groups in this Parliament, to cover up a decision by the European Court of Justice, which enabled them to benefit from funds to finance ‘European political parties’, which are not ‘parties’ since they do not use universal suffrage, which are ‘political’ in name only, since they are only concerned about financing the activities of parliamentary groups, and finally, which are only ‘European’ because they are not African or Asian. We would be creating a monster. Until my view can be disproved, the funding of European political parties can only be justified, even after the Treaty of Nice, once it accepts the practice of universal suffrage, which is the only acceptable definition of a political party."@en1

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