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"Mr President, my group's attitude towards the Commission's attempts in this area is rather different from that of the previous speaker. Indeed, if we were to criticise the Commission, we would criticise it rather from the other side; we would hope that the Commission would take a rather more robustly liberal attitude, for example in the proposals which it has made for a directive on occupational pension funds, to remove the possibility of certain Member States deciding to continue to implement quantitative restrictions for which there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any superior performance. The Commission should generally adopt the guiding principle that it should at least be capable of putting forward some evidence in favour of its proposals, rather than merely going for something which appears to be no better than the average practice in those Member States where the prudent person principle is adopted. We also take a different view in urging the Commission and our colleagues in Parliament to try to make progress in taxation coordination. While that is a very desirable aim, we should not allow the best to become the enemy of the good. If we can make progress in improving the returns for pensioners in private schemes across the European Union, we should do so. There is, as I have already said, absolutely no evidence that there is any reduction in safety or security as a result, and to establish an entirely spurious linkage, whereby we wait until we have a perfect scheme for taxation before we attempt to make some progress in the area of opening up and liberalising asset management seems to me to be very unfortunate. We also welcome the Commission's new stress on coordination rather than on legislation. We know that it is perfectly possible for the Commission to make many proposals, as it has done in the past, without making very much progress. This is a new approach and I hope that it will be more successful than the approach of some of the Commissioner's predecessors in this area."@en1

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