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"Mr President, Commissioner, the proposal for a Council regulation laying down certain technical measures for the conservation of certain stocks of highly migratory species now incorporates measures that were dispersed between various regulations into a single legal framework. This is therefore a proposal to be welcomed, since it creates more efficient conditions for implementing one of the most important aspects of the common fisheries policy. It is aimed at fish species that are under considerable pressure from fishing due to their great geographical mobility and their high commercial value. For reasons, however, that I must say are beyond me, the rapporteur has issued an opinion on the Commission’s original proposal and not on the compromise proposal arising from the December meeting of the Fisheries Council, and on which I think it would be more appropriate for Parliament to issue an opinion. I am not going to repeat aspects that have already been highlighted by the two rapporteurs and, especially, by my colleagues in the PPE-DE. I simply wish to emphasise two important aspects. The first concerns the issue of disciplinary measures to be imposed on vessels flying flags of convenience. This is a crucial aspect that we must resolve. The second aspect is that ships experimenting with new fishing methods must be included in the quotas for their respective fisheries. Lastly, I wish to state that it is becoming necessary for the European Union to fight within the various international bodies for coordinating fisheries management in which it participates so that all of the world’s fishing fleets, especially those of the great fishing powers, fully respect the same rules for conservation that the European Union itself respects. I think that this is a fundamental point. Finally, I wish to thank the two rapporteurs for their excellent work and I hope that their reports will be adopted with the amendments tabled by the Committee on Fisheries."@en1

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