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"Mr President, I feel that the supplementary budget proposal of EUR 971 million to improve the funding of measures to combat BSE is necessary and fair. With this increase, the budgetary margin still available for agricultural expenditure within the CAP will be practically exhausted. There is therefore a clear need to initiate the debate on financing the BSE crisis in the years to come. This debate must, however, be conducted methodically and at the right pace and include an overall evaluation of European farming, the current state of the rural world and of how the CAP has responded to this situation. I feel that the CAP must be reconsidered in order to provide the appropriate responses to what is today known as the ‘European agricultural model’. It will also be necessary to amend the drafting of its objectives within the Treaties. The CAP has today largely outgrown its origins, objectives and implementation tools. I think it would be unacceptable, however, to use the excuse of the BSE crisis to force through reforms that everyone concerned wishes to see. This is what appears to be happening as a result of the amendments now being tabled by the Commission, which seek or propose to amend the bases of cofinancing for support measures for the beef sector. We all know that some Member States want to see the CAP renationalised, but I think this would be a terrible mistake that would cause the European Union to move backwards instead of forwards. Such a move would penalise the poorer countries particularly harshly since farmers in those countries would receive less favourable treatment than their colleagues in other parts of the Community. I do accept the need for debate on this issue, however, although it must be conducted in the context of an overall assessment of the CAP and other Community policies, not in this opportunistic way, taking advantage of a crisis to impose national self-interest when what is required is a Community response showing solidarity with those who are in difficulty."@en1

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