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"Mr President, I endorse the Haug report and congratulate the rapporteur. I agree that the Supplementary and Amending Budget No 1/2001, which makes EUR 971 million available for additional costs arising from the BSE crisis, should be endorsed by Parliament. I nevertheless feel that the following observations need to be made about this proposal: Firstly, the EUR 971 million that have now been made available are necessary but they are not sufficient. In any event, we will see. Secondly, the BSE crisis, the real problems faced by producers, the collapse of consumer confidence and food safety requirements connected with protecting public health deserve more than vague answers and the postponement of solutions, however obvious conflicts of interest or budgetary problems may be. The sensitivity of the situation calls for rapid, full answers. Let us not, therefore, allow this climate of crisis to continue. This issue needs, as it has needed in the past, to come off the agenda. Let us find the courage to draw a veil over it, since this will help to restore the confidence of Europe’s citizens. Let us not confuse the current emergency with the essential review of production methods to be promoted through the reform of the common agricultural policy. This reform is necessary but it must not be carried out hastily, which would be the case if it were carried out in the midst of a crisis or if it were guided exclusively by financial considerations or national interests. These factors would, in fact, condemn the reform from the outset. Thirdly, what has been said demonstrates the need for the European Parliament to gain real decision-making power on all agricultural expenditure, including expenditure that falls under subcategory 1-A. It also shows the need for an extension of the nucleus of expenditure that falls under subcategory 1-B. In this way, the legitimate interest of Europe’s citizens will be respected. Fourthly, what is at stake clearly, in my opinion, calls for this issue to be addressed fully and in depth at the Stockholm Council, and I hope that this will be done."@en1

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