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"Madam President, Bonino List Members have voted in favour of this directive on the deliberate release into the environment of genetically modified organisms. It is certainly an important vote because this directive takes account of the precautionary principle without confusing it with prohibition, and, after three years of work, we believe we have taken an important step forwards. However, Members will allow me to hope that Parliament is willing to grant the same openness to research into biotechnology in the medical and health field. When people talk of bioengineering they are actually talking about a huge sector which is opening up, not only in food but also in medical research, and I hope this Parliament will want to reverse its decision to block research and therapeutic cloning. That is what today’s vote means. I hope the vetoes and bans will be removed in this way, but, above all, I hope this openness will not just apply to agribusiness but also, and as soon as possible, to the field of medical research, and that it will not be overshadowed by clerical or religious vetoes."@en1

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