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"Mr President, Commissioner, I should like to begin by congratulating our colleague, the general rapporteur Jutta Haug, on the way in which she has done her job, which has contributed immensely to the constructive atmosphere in which our work has been carried out in committee and in Parliament in general. The vote that is to follow this debate will mark the end of the long, complex process of approving the European Union budget for 2001. As a result of intense negotiations and successive compromises among the various institutions, the chances of its approval are reasonable. However, I should like to point out certain aspects that carry over to subsequent years. The budget represents, in payment appropriations, just 1.056% of the Community GDP. The financial perspective forecast 1.11% for 2001, which is not to mention the 1.27% that was being mentioned a few years ago. On the other hand, external cooperation programmes are still not multiannual, the difference between commitments and payments is still growing, some projects are still implemented very little or badly, there are unjustifiable and unsustainable payment delays, and Parliament has been confronted with with budgetary implications. Whereas there is no solution as yet for the first aspect mentioned, the GDP, and I am sure that Parliament will soon demonstrate its persistence with regard to the second, I must say that with regard to the third aspect that I have highlighted, I believe that the great novelty in the budget process in coming years is the agreement reached between Parliament and the Council for the Commission to draw up a report by 30 June 2001 to be submitted to the first two institutions regarding the progress achieved in a number of basic fields, such as the reduction in the amount outstanding, the simplification of the project round, improved programme implementation, a commitology review, the reform of the Commission, the definition and execution of implementation objectives, particularly in external cooperation, and the provision of more thorough information for Parliament in several fields. If the submission of such a report is not seen as just one more formality, the hopes that many of us have placed in this new step will be justified."@en1

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