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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, like the previous speakers, I hope that this initiative will not be seen as the umpteenth European organisation, but that people will take this initiative seriously and, as a consequence, will give it enough of a chance. I just have a few reservations with regard to the name. The term ‘police academy’ makes me think of a humorous American TV series about the police. What is more, I find the word ‘academy’ is not assertive enough when it comes to police operations. That is just a minor detail, of course. I think that it is more important to confine ourselves to the essentials. Social conditions in most Member States of the European Union are now such that there is indeed a great need for cross-border cooperation between the various police forces. Cross-border cooperation can only lead to results if a number of conditions are met, if the greatest care is taken over appropriate, goal-directed programmes for ongoing training, if attention is paid to training regarding the Member States’ response to crisis situations in third countries and if exchanges and secondments are made possible in a professional way, with the emphasis on the professional aspect. Special attention must also be paid to training at European level with regard to crime prevention, maintenance of public order and efficient border control. On the other hand, a European Police College needs to become the forum for gaining an understanding of the various national police systems and defending the knowledge they have. In short, I hope that there will be no delay in giving concrete expression to this initiative which, to my mind and also in my Group's opinion, answers the need to bring about a European training structure."@en1

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