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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, the Commission’s proposal to create a framework enabling the proportion of electricity produced from renewable energy sources in the European Union to be considerably increased in the medium term, can only be welcomed. The lengths the rapporteur, Mrs Rothe, has gone to to make Parliament’s stance on this clear, therefore deserve our full recognition. After all, on the one hand, this directive is an important element in the series of measures taken to enable us to honour the commitment the EU entered into in Kyoto regarding the reduction of greenhouse gases and, on the other, it is a praiseworthy attempt to reduce the European Union’s dependence on the oil-producing countries. Under the present circumstances, it must be recognised that the renewable energy sources require some form of financial support, in order to create a level playing field. As I see it though, these subsidies should be no more than reasonable and only payable for a limited period. Needless to say, the controversial issue in this report is that to do with the stipulation of binding target figures. In fact the crux of the report is whether it makes any sense or not to have these binding target figures. I would advocate a realistic approach, an approach based on the knowledge that electricity production from renewable energy sources can never form a substantial element of total energy production. Stipulating realistic target figures can only increase public confidence in the energy policy to be pursued. If the target figures cannot be made binding then we will be creating false expectations, i.e. by pretending to strive for the improvement of the environment without being able to make it a reality. This would be to the detriment both of the environment and of the policy’s credibility in the eyes of the citizens. Finally, Mr President, I would like to point out, on the subject of municipal waste processing, that if a switch is made to separated municipal waste collection, a switch can also be made to separated municipal waste processing, and the latter must certainly be regarded as a renewable energy source."@en1

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