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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I would first and foremost like to thank the rapporteur, Mr Wuermeling for the work he has invested in his report. It is of course quite a significant topic, although this is not immediately evident from the small number of members present in this Chamber to continue with the debate. This Parliament produces European legislation much like a conveyer belt. All too often, however, we are forced to conclude that this European legislation is packaged in a language which is too technical, too legal and too complex, so much so that this European legislation becomes unusable, as a result of which the intended goal, namely to make legislation in the European Union transparent and unambiguous, is not achieved. European legislation must be a flexible and practical instrument which also becomes accessible to the average citizen pursuant to the principle of subsidiarity and reasonableness. I was delighted to note that Amendments Nos 3, 4, 5 and 6, which I tabled myself, have been approved by the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Market. Indeed, the objective of these amendments is to continually evaluate the subsidiarity reports, to check on a regular basis whether they are up-to-date and to investigate beforehand whether certain regulations and/or directives are indeed useful. I am also in favour of making codified proposals with regard to amendments to existing EC legislation, so that the amendments can be integrated into the existing directives or regulations. Finally, I am an advocate of setting up some kind of scoreboard for redundant legislation. It is beyond question that redundant legislation needs to be abolished, for it is indeed not sufficient to restrict the inflation of legislation; rules and regulations must also be drafted in clear language and the obligations pursuant to these must be easily understood. I therefore hope that the report will be adopted without further amendment, by the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Market, and that it will be a useful instrument to simplify European legislation and to render it transparent and effective."@en1

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