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"Madam President, as you said earlier, this will be a long process. Normally we like to streamline the budget votes so that we can get through them in as quick a time as possible. However, we have a lot of amendments on this occasion. Whilst I respect people's democratic right to table amendments, can I just warn Members of this House that if some of the amendments which are not in the general framework agreement between the groups are voted, then we will begin to exceed ceilings and we will have to stop the vote. We have no margins in virtually all the categories. If this vote does not go as we had planned, then just be aware that I may be standing up, or Mrs Haug may be standing up, to say we have to stop the vote. We can then assess what we can vote on. I would like to make two pleas. One is to our colleagues in the Committee on Agriculture who have tabled over 30 amendments. The amending letter will be coming forward before second reading and that is when we will take final decisions on agricultural issues. If I could ask them to withdraw those amendments it would save a lot of time. I would also ask Mr Heaton-Harris and his colleagues if they could withdraw their 33 amendments. Once again that will save us a tremendous amount of time. I must say the 33 amendments are far better than the 393 that were tabled by Mr Heaton-Harris and his colleagues in committee. So we have to be grateful there are only 33, but I would welcome it if he would withdraw them. It would speed this process up considerably."@en1

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