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"Mr President, any Member who is neither very young nor in his or her first parliamentary term cannot enter this debate without, as Monica Frassoni has done, paying an emotional tribute to Mrs Adelaide Aglietta. It is to her that we owe the start of this lengthy undertaking in 1992, the start of this interminable battle in which we are still engaged. And it is precisely with a view to the past, when I look at the progress made since 1992, Commissioner, that I cannot share your positive reaction to the Union's withdrawal of its support from the resolution presented in November at the United Nations. Commissioner, I am convinced that this was an opportunity missed and that, due to the issue of the inflexibility of the wording which prevented a compromise being reached on the preamble – I repeat, on the preamble, nothing to do with the body of the text at all – we were actually in danger of losing sight of the crux of the matter and ended up dancing to the tune of a whole range of powerful countries, some well-disposed towards the project and others not so well-disposed, or of great markets whose noses were most certainly put out of joint by this initiative. This is nothing new – Europe was divided as early as 1994 over the motion for a resolution presented by Italy – but for this very reason it is all the more serious, for the eight years of work put in not only by Parliament but by your staff, I am sure, Commissioner, and the Union as such, could have resulted in a victory last November. There is no doubt that victory would have been possible. I repeat, in my opinion, we missed a major opportunity. Having said that, Commissioner, I feel that, precisely on this type of subject, working in conjunction with organisations which operate in society or with non-governmental organisations is a key factor, for these organisations usually have greater room for manoeuvre, and are able to be bolder and uphold positions which are, so to speak, less influenced by other considerations or interests, in themselves legitimate but all too often liable to lead governments and institutions to compromise and assume less forthright positions. This is precisely why part of the resolution calls upon the Commission to be more explicit in its report and in providing transparent information on the use of the year 2000 budget lines relating to this matter and to democratisation in general. It has, in fact, happened in the past and still happens that the very organisations which have put most work into this matter have, so to speak, been excluded from working with the Commission on a project, even though they have been doing so for many years because, it appears, there is no more funding and we do not know exactly where it has gone. That is why, Commissioner, I feel that transparency and the provision of information would benefit a joint project which, I feel sure, is of interest to us all."@en1

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