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"Mr President, Commissioner, I believe that the events in Peru are evidence of the world of difference that there can be between the formal meaning of words and their tangible weight. The term in question is the word 'democracy'. Peru has a parliament which has been elected by universal suffrage and a president who has used the powers of persuasion of the army to violate all constitutional precepts. I feel that this resolution marks a key point in Parliament's political initiative. I would like to focus briefly on one of the subjects covered by the report: the call for Parliament to send a delegation. The European Union has got to do something and do it quickly. The process of democracy needs to be consolidated, but consolidated with political instruments and human resources. We must ensure that, when Peru reaches its goal, it has candidates who are capable of rising to the challenge and responding to the Peruvian people's demand for political renewal and genuine democracy. Mr President, Commissioner, this is why I strongly support the call for Parliament to send a delegation, not just to act as a witness should something go badly wrong, but, for once in its history, to support a country which is seeking a democratic way forward."@en1

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