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"Mr President, I should like to begin by saying that this Commission proposal is most welcome. Indeed, it addresses a long-standing concern of Parliament, which has at times, in 1997 and 1999, asked for a review of current legislation on the marketing of compound feedingstuffs. We all agree that there is a need for compulsory labelling that clearly indicates the various components of compound feedingstuffs and their nature. We shall not, of course, complicate matters and demand unnecessary details on the labels, but we shall demand everything that is essential, such as an explicit, open declaration strictly indicating the percentage of each component and its intrinsic nature. As we all know, these measures are fundamental for increasing consumer confidence. There is in fact a general lack of confidence, which is particularly marked in relation to intensive production processes, not only in meat production but also in fish farming. It is possible, through clear, transparent and responsible labelling, to give consumers this confidence. This subject was in fact discussed during the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, and the conclusion was that the Council’s position was unfortunately rather timid in this respect, rather fainthearted, showing that ultimately the ministers had not learnt much from the past. It is essential that the Commission and the Council should fight for these same rules to apply to all partners worldwide, especially in the framework of the World Trade Organisation."@en1

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