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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, needless to say, all forms of violence should be denounced, including the outrageous expressions of hooliganism during Euro 2000. Despite this, I am still convinced that the reprehensible incidents were blown out of all proportion, partly by the press and partly by politicians. Because of this, we have been unable to emphasise sufficiently how extraordinarily well-organised Euro 2000 was, indeed the standard of organisation will turn Euro 2000 into an unforgettable experience for millions of people. As representative of one of the host nations, I would like to congratulate everyone who was involved on the organisational side and in the enforcement of law and order. The success of Euro 2000 has shown that small nations are capable of great things and this should not be overshadowed by the wanton behaviour of a minority. All Member States should, in consultation with each other, take appropriate measures. Not only was Euro 2000 a superb festival of football, it was also a festival of solidarity among the citizens of the European Union, whom it brought closer together."@en1

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