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"Mr President, Commissioner, fellow members, when you receive a lot of letters from people you do not know, it may be for one of two reasons. Either you are very famous or your correspondents feel very strongly about the matter on which they write. Members of the European Parliament are not very famous. It must therefore be the matter at issue which has triggered the correspondence. We have all received a lot of letters, documents and requests for interviews over the last few days, nearly all from representatives of national railways and nearly all warning us against the compulsory separation of management and infrastructure called for in the proposals by the rapporteur Georg Jarzembowski. Mr Swoboda has also addressed this issue, although his argument was that we need to liberalise, but only one step at a time. Georg Jarzembowski submits that our systems in the past, with quasi-monopolistic national carriers, have not allowed optimum use to be made of the system. Who can argue with that? The figures speak for themselves. Our present railway system is a far cry from what we desperately need in Europe, namely an efficient system which is also an acceptable system. Every example in related sectors confirms the argument. One step at a time gets you nowhere. Telecommunications traffic has demonstrated that, the electricity sector and numerous other sectors besides have demonstrated that. And we expect the same to happen with the railways. The main purpose of the railways is to serve their users and hence to serve a more efficient, improved European transport system. That is what we want, that is what we need and that is what we shall vote for."@en1

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