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"Mr President, Secretary of State, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, in order for the European construction process to maintain its vitality, which is a prerequisite for its survival, each point of arrival must also form a point of departure. Having achieved economic and monetary union, other plans are now being drawn up. We cannot take 50 years to implement these, however. This is the case with the establishment of an effective common European security and defence policy. The Member States must address this issue from a European perspective which can be fully reconciled with NATO commitments. Although this was clearly not our desire, the fall of the Berlin wall has obviously not helped with security and defence in Europe. We are therefore now faced with the complex situation in the Balkans, which throws up new problems on a daily basis. The lessons of Kosovo show us how not to act and the challenges in the Mediterranean basin are keeping us alert. After decades of a bipolar world, the situation of unipolarity must be transitory and in this the European Union’s contribution will be decisive. Peace must continue to be the grand plan of European construction but this will not happen by itself. We must therefore have effective mechanisms for managing crises using non-military means, for developing and ensuring the compatibility of the military capabilities of the Member States, for mobilising adequate financial resources in the national and Community budgets and for establishing effective decision-making structures. The choices seem clear, the objective is challenging and its achievement will be decisive. Reforms must be implemented, major financial resources and means must be identified, made compatible and mobilised. The commitment of the Member States is essential. The current challenges cannot be deferred or hesitated over. The Feira European Council must be more than an occasion to reaffirm our desires. It must be a turning point characterised by the identification of the necessary financial resources and by the inclusion on the agenda of the Intergovernmental Conference of the institutional aspects of the Common European Security and Defence Policy. I congratulate Mrs Lalumière on her work."@en1

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