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"Mr President, we are in a strange situation because a decision was taken in the groups before the Committee on Budgets had decided on this issue of Montenegro. Also, I have not had a chance to speak to my good friend Mr Westendorp. I believe that the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence Policy is sympathetic to the position of the Committee on Budgets, which I am about to state. However, since I have not spoken to him directly, do not quote me on that – it is only second-hand information. Firstly, I should like to make it clear that the Committee on Budgets supports any aid to Montenegro. It has done so in the past and will do so in the future. On this occasion there is no urgency for this to go through now. The monies will not be made available until August for the first tranche and the second tranche will be paid at the end of the year. We are of the opinion that the relevant committees need to study the details of this proposal. Whichever the lead committee is – Foreign Affairs or Industry – we would merely give an opinion, but those committees and Parliament need to evaluate these proposals. We should not be bounced into a decision because the Council deems it to be necessary. As for budgets, our main concern is where the money is coming from. It is great to make proposals but we feel this urgency should not be agreed upon until we know where the money is coming from. We should leave it until next month. The committees can debate it and we can vote on it at the June part-session."@en1

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