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"Mr President, Commissioners, if every possible attempt is made – and rightly so – to establish ways of creating an information society for everyone, we should make just as great an effort to ensure that we do not end up recreating a dual society with IT literates on one side and IT illiterates on the other. Moreover, I set great store by protecting small and medium-sized businesses, with special emphasis on the small businesses. In this connection, it is important to ensure that guarantees are provided for advertising purposes. Indeed, due to a lack of a harmonised policy on commercial communication, obstacles could well surface which cannot be negotiated, particularly by small businesses. Far-reaching harmonisation concerning commercial communication is therefore urgently needed. In the last instance, I would also like to underline how important it is that at least the parties involved, i.e. the consumer and entrepreneur, must always be able to make prior arrangements regarding the applicable legal system. After all, if it is stipulated that consumers can take legal action within their own jurisdiction, then this situation will be untenable for small businesses, which will need legal assistance in 14 other Member States. Needless to say, small businesses cannot afford to make this kind of arrangement."@en1

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