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"Mr President, the rapporteurs Duff and Voggenhuber, as well as the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, have done some sterling work. The report itself is sound because it conveys the key messages without going so far as to anticipate the work of the fundamental rights convention. I therefore nurture the hope that tomorrow in plenary sitting, this report will be adopted in the form we in the Committee on Citizens’ Freedoms and Rights drafted it in. However there is one point which I would like to be amended. I have tabled an amendment to this effect on behalf of my group. It concerns the question, raised repeatedly today, as to whether the European Union should sign up to the European Convention on Human Rights. This was an important goal in the past. It was an important and appropriate goal in the past precisely because there was no intention, at that stage, to create our own, autonomous catalogue of fundamental rights at European Union level; viewed in this light, it was far better to have that, as a second-best solution, than nothing at all. But that is not the path we want Europe to go down in the future, and nor should it. With all due respect for the Human Rights Convention, we need more! We need our own Charter that provides our own answers to the questions raised by the age we live in. It must balance traditional, liberal rights with an adequate set of economic rights as well as offer effective solutions to issues pertaining to the social rights of citizens of the European Union and to the need to guarantee them a basic standard of social protection.. The European Convention on Human Rights does not fulfil this task. It is not in a position to do so because it came into being in the 50s, when political and social conditions were completely different. Seen in this light, it is time for all of us to call for constructive work to commence on our own Charter. We call upon the Convention on Fundamental Rights, the 62 politicians that David Martin mentioned, to take up this task. Let us support them in this."@en1

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