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"Mr President, the Commission has submitted a promising work programme for the year 2000. We cannot do other than give this programme our full backing. However, there are also some unfortunate gaps in it. There is one gap in particular I would like to discuss; it is one Mr Jarzembowski touched on just before. I do not see the work programme make any mention whatsoever of tourism. We are talking about one of the most important branches of industry here, both within the EU and beyond its borders. We have long been promised measures for this sector. It requires improvement as a matter of urgency, but nothing is happening. But the Commission has other important tasks to perform besides those of a legislative nature. As Mr Poettering has already mentioned today, it also has a pivotal role as guardian of the treaties. With that in mind, the Commission – I say this in view of the occasion – has taken upon itself the task of monitoring the activities of one Member State in particular very closely. As a citizen of the country in question, I do not object to this modus operandi. Nor will my homeland have a problem with subjecting itself to European scrutiny in matters of human rights, the rights of foreign nationals, and anti-racist policy. On the contrary, we have shown in the past that our country has one of the best records on all these points, and we intend to keep it that way. If the Commission is to be the guardian of the treaties then please, Mr Prodi, be thorough in your work. The behaviour of “the Fourteen”, or at least of some members of this coterie, can infringe Community law too, and in recent days and weeks, Community law been infringed on a number of points, for example over the Cultural Capital 2000 issue, school exchange programmes in the Union, and other matters. I have “and so on and so forth” written down here, but I hope that things do not continue in this vein. Hence I urge the Commission to uphold its role as guardian of the treaties in these matters too, and to remain vigilant."@en1

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