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"Mr President, Commissioner, by deciding not to extend the embargo on the sale of arms to Indonesia, the Council of Ministers has this month adopted a position contrary to the one recommended by Parliament last month on the basis of a broad consensus. The situation in the Moluccas, clearly set out in the joint motion for a resolution, is evidence that the reasons for the embargo have not changed, which is why Parliament’s position remains the same. As the current Indonesian Government itself decided a month ago, after the free elections, to be ruled by the values of democracy, including respect for human rights, it deserves the appreciation and solidarity of the international community. The situation in the Moluccas, which is not an isolated case in Indonesia, requires caution and discretion in the expression of this solidarity. This situation has arisen in particular due to the internal migration policy promoted by the Suharto military dictatorship with which the current actions of the Indonesian armed forces are associated. These actions represent a repetition of the worst events in East Timor, as if nothing had changed in the country. I therefore support the necessary reinforcement of international cooperation, mainly through humanitarian aid to Indonesia and assistance with respective development. In this way we can demonstrate our appreciation of the democratic nature of the current government, thereby helping to increase its authority. I am against the sale of arms to armed forces which have yet to understand their position in a rule of law which should bring them under the control of the government. Given the circumstances, the right signal would be sent by extending the embargo on the sale of arms to Indonesia."@en1

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