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"Mr President, like the previous speakers, I would say that the signs of change in Indonesia are obvious. The search for new paths, marked out by the universal values that characterise constitutional States, that is being led by Mr Wahid’s government deserves the appreciation of the international community. It is nevertheless too early to assess how well their intentions will succeed. There are fundamental questions that still need to be answered. How is Indonesia going to address the problems of Aceh, the Moluccas and West Papua? How will it resolve the problem of the Timorese refugees who are now just currency in the hands of pro-Indonesian militias? What will be their attitude towards the crimes committed by Indonesian soldiers in East Timor, where they were the occupying force, as well as in some Indonesian provinces? What role will the Indonesian armed forces play? Will they be able to adapt to a constitutional state or will they continue to be a force within a force? In terms of the relationship between the European Union and its Member States with the Republic of Indonesia at the moment, the only sensible course of action is to uphold the decisions of the Council of 16 and 17 October, when restrictions were established that included a ban on the sale of weapons."@en1

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