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"Mr President, the Turkey of today is not the accession candidate of tomorrow. We are worlds apart as regards capital punishment, human rights, minority rights, democracy and rule of law. Scarcely less deep are the rifts on important matters such as economic, social and environmental legislation, to name but a few areas. The continuing military occupation of part of Cyprus is no contribution to peace and security in Europe. There is no getting around these facts. Anyone who says otherwise is, in the best analysis, hypocritical. No trust is to be gained by means of hypocritical set phrases, either in Turkey as our partner, or with our citizens at home. Therefore, we cannot say yes to substantial passages in the compromise resolution before us. If the relevant sections are not deleted from the text then we shall reject the whole resolution. Turkey’s membership of the European Union is not really an important contribution to the future development of the Union. To put it correctly, we are making a contribution to greater clarity in Turkey and on behalf of Turkey. At the same time we retain our credibility in the eyes of our own citizens. In order to make further progress along the long road which Europe and Turkey must travel to become closer, we urgently need credibility. In this sense, we can support everything that has been mentioned many times today. This includes, for example, the requirement to take the European Union’s financial commitments towards Turkey under the financial protocol seriously and not just verbally, but also to make the necessary funds available. In so doing we will be showing both our own citizens, and also Turkey and the citizens of Turkey, that we take invitations and declarations of belief seriously. We do wish to be partners in future! This is however conditional upon our not proceeding to the second step before taking the first, as one may already have supposed on many occasions today."@en1

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