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"Mr President, I have been fortunate enough to enter two new parliament buildings in the course of my political career. The first one was the Flemish Parliament around four years ago. In view of the fact that I was the official authorised to take responsibility for the buildings, I am well placed to draw comparisons between the opening of this building and the previous Parliament that I belonged to. I must say that I am in fact annoyed about the many shortcomings I have been able to discern in this building, with what I would say is almost a professional eye. I feel that the great interest in the building that is very much in evidence today bears witness to the fact that, to my mind, there was too little prior consultation with the Members of Parliament, with those who were to use the building. I think that there are lessons to be learnt from that for future reference. I want to make three points that may already have been made by some of my colleagues, but which serve to underline how important it could in fact be to bring about total change here. Firstly, the offices. I think our offices resemble a kind of glorified campsite. I think this is a classic example of the injudicious use of the space available. I therefore urge that adaptations be made, whatever the structural difficulties. But I think many of my colleagues will agree with me on this. Secondly, a great deal has been said about colours but I think that many psychologists would support my view that some colour schemes may produce severe depressive conditions, and that this particular colour scheme may be one of these. I hope not but time will tell. Thirdly, I feel that we are going to have to demonstrate greater efficiency and more streamlined procedures where the entrance to the visitors’ gallery is concerned. It has been brought to my notice that some people had to pass through five different security points this week, before gaining admission to the visitors’ gallery. And last but not least, we like to talk about transparency here. I believe it is important to talk about transparency, but I would also like there to be transparency as regards the cost price of the building, and I would also like to know what possibilities there are for recouping some of the costs arising from the building’s defects that have been noted here."@en1

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