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"Madam President, I am taking the floor on behalf of the seven Radical Members and thank the Non-Attached Members for giving me this time. Mr President of the Commission, we seven Radicals stated yesterday what our position is but neither have we taken part in the previous vote nor will we take part in the forthcoming votes until, ladies and gentlemen, this Parliament settles the issues of Members’ dignity, rights and duties. With the unprecedented decision you took yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, Madam President, you decided that there are some Members who belong to the First Division – your Members, the respectable ones, the ones from your bureaucracies, the ones who love divisions and sharing-out power. Then there are those Members who are not respectable, that is me and those of us who are simply independent of your bureaucracies and party politics. This is hardly dignified. It is not dignified for the elected Members and, dear Mr Barón Crespo, it is not dignified for the voters. You have decided that there are First Division voters and Second Division voters. We cannot accept this. Today the battle commences. It is such hypocrisy, such conformism, ladies and gentlemen! You Italians live in a country whose Parliament has a mixed group, the second group, where Members from the extreme Right, extreme Left and the Greens all happily co-exist. But when you come here to vote, you vote as you did! You Members of national parliaments have no problems in sharing out money from public funds among yourselves. It is such hypocrisy then to prevent us, but from doing what? Prevent us from doing our parliamentary duties. We cannot – because we are inconvenient Members whom you do not like – table resolutions or amendments. Basically, all we are allowed to do now is press a button. Ladies and gentlemen, I will not obey. We seven Radical Members will not comply with this empty posturing. Look at your groups! A group is a work tool. Look at them, they do not have a political position. Three groups said they did not have a common political position. So, groups are only there to assist the sharing out of funding and staff, my dear colleagues. Parliament must stop being like this! Starting today, we are beginning a crusade for dignity, legality, the Rule of Law and the rights and duties of a Member of Parliament elected by the citizens, who voted for us as they voted for you and who have the same rights and duties as you and the same dignity. I hope that very many of you, ladies and gentlemen, will defend the dignity of Parliament and its Members against bureaucracy and party politics. We will fight on until this Parliament restores the rights and duties to the elected Members by creating a mixed group. ***"@en1

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