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"(IT) Madam President, President of the Commission, in January this year, Parliament adopted Mr Brok"s report recommending that the majority of the new Commissioners be Members of the European Parliament, people with experience in the European institutions. It requested sufficiently equal numbers of men and women representatives and an adequate balance of political trends. I leave it to you and to this Parliament to assess to what extent you have complied, or been able to comply with this Parliamentary resolution. Mr President, you went so far as to announce an era of change, a revolution – in which I wish you every success – and mentioned an internal restructuring which maybe Mr Kinnock will elaborate upon; the fifth, I may add, in seven years! I assure you, however, that it will not be a change in the number of Directorates-General, the fact they are called by name instead of by number, the fact that the homes of the Commissioners are scattered all over Brussels or that the use of a spokesman is consolidated which will bring the institutions closer to the great European public, the objective you referred to. What is currently lacking in Europe and our institutions is a fresh vision of the Europe of the beginning of the next millennium. Today, we live in a situation which is Berlin wall Kohl Mitterand single currency initiation of enlargement, and pre-hardly anything. This is the vision, the challenge. For us radicals, the Federalist compass of Altiero Spinelli will remain an appreciation gauge, a very clear compass, which will show us whether our institutions are moving towards the consolidation of the Union, towards a more European Europe and towards political union. This, I believe, is the challenge which must unite us in the diversity of our roles, in the knowledge that those who have brought us thus far, Mr President, present and past colleagues, may deserve greater respect and perhaps even a little more generosity of spirit. (Applause from the left)"@en1
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