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"(PT) Mr President, the Berlin Agreement has enabled the European Union"s main issues to be opened up, but it has not done anything to secure the future of the European Union in the long or even medium-term, because the Agenda 2000 Agreement went far beyond what was necessary. I say this because in the first place, it has been unable to achieve any reform of countries" own resources, which should be based solely on the Gross National Product, the only fair, equitable and transparent basis for contribution. Secondly, it has not reformed the Common Agricultural Policy, which was imposed in order to make us adopt an offensive position in the next round of GATT negotiations. Without wishing to denigrate the efforts of Commissioner Fischler, it was almost a reform which maintained the which had never secured the sought-after balance between farmers, regions and their cultures, in which farming in the Mediterranean was once again badly treated by the CAP. It did not guarantee, in any practical sense, the completion of the European Farm Model, almost nothing was done in this area to help small farmers and very little progress was made on the issue of rural development. Thirdly, this Agenda 2000 runs the risk of leading us towards a Europe which is less evenly-balanced and less united. I shall give you two examples from the country I know best, which is my own. Firstly, all the studies have shown that the Portuguese economy is the one which will be most affected by competition from the new Member States from Eastern Europe, but nothing has been done to support Portugal in this area. Secondly, nothing has been done to improve the situation of Portuguese farming, the one which is the most debt-ridden, backward and least-favoured by the CAP. Apart from the durum wheat quota, Portugal has gained nothing specific from this CAP unlike some countries such as Spain or Italy which have benefited from arrangements made specifically for them. It is true that we in Portugal suffer from a government which is incompetent and unable to negotiate successfully, but this does not justify all the treatment we have received. We need a more united Europe in order to move forwards."@en1
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