Table for the 13 triples with object "2002-06-30"^^xsd:date sorted by label

substitute; Committee on Citizens' Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs (2002-01-17--2002-06-30)lpv:end
member; NA (2002-06-27--2002-06-30)lpv:end
member; NA (2002-06-27--2002-06-30)lpv:end
substitute; Delegation to the EU-Malta Joint Parliamentary Committee (2002-02-07--2002-06-30)lpv:end
member; Delegation for relations with the Member States of ASEAN, south-east Asia and the Republic of Korea (2002-06-27--2002-06-30)lpv:end
substitute; Delegation to the EU-Slovenia Joint Parliamentary Committee (2002-02-07--2002-06-30)lpv:end
member; NA (2002-06-27--2002-06-30)lpv:end
member; EDD (1999-07-20--2002-06-30)lpv:end
member_of_the_bureau; EDD (2001-12-11--2002-06-30)lpv:end
substitute; AFCO (2002-01-17--2002-06-30)lpv:end
substitute; PETI (2002-01-17--2002-06-30)lpv:end
substitute; Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Market (2002-01-17--2002-06-30)lpv:end
member; NA (2002-06-27--2002-06-30)lpv:end