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". Levelling the playing field for all the Member States, and increasing transparency and cohesion within the borders of the EU, are matters of crucial importance, as reduced VAT rates will enable the internal market to function smoothly It should be possible for the Member States to apply a reduced VAT rate to locally-supplied services, for example. The application of the reduced rate should most certainly be left in the hands of the Member States, while the tax system should promote employment, increase productivity and curb the ‘informal economy’. It is equally essential to harmonise VAT exemptions, as this will help to ensure a balanced and uniform approach on the part of the Member States and avoid the adverse effects of applying those VAT rates. A reduction in the VAT rates for locally supplied and labour-intensive services should have a positive impact, since it will reduce the level of undeclared labour, whilst also reducing its appeal and increasing demand within the formal economy. However, if the reduced rates are to avoid damaging the smooth functioning of the internal market, they should be applied with care. The political objective to reducing the VAT rate is to reduce undeclared labour and potential administrative burdens."@en1

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