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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I would also like to thank the Vice-President, Mr Tajani, for some of the clarifications he has given, and I would like to respond immediately to his request. He is asking this Parliament if we want to examine this proposal together: the answer is yes. The oral question stems from this demand of ours. We would like to examine it while having at our disposal all the information needed in order to understand, as you rightly wonder, whether this tool is a necessity and above all whether it is safe and respects citizens’ privacy, which is our priority. We welcome the letter that you sent to Mr Deprez, chairman of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, in which you make a commitment that we would like to take as an official commitment. That is the commitment to consult the European Data Protection Supervisor. Our group does not yet have an official view regarding body scanners: we need more information and to examine the issue more thoroughly. Meanwhile, with regard to health, we would like to understand what actually constitutes an exposure overdose, particularly for frequent flyers, and on this point we need to be certain that the information is reliable, because for many years we have been forced to leave liquids behind, and now we discover that it was probably an excessive precaution and that the information and the assessments were probably unfounded. We need an assessment of the principle of proportionality and the full involvement of the European Parliament. We do not believe that these measures can be seen merely as technical ones: they are measures that have a direct impact on human rights and on privacy. It is complicated to combine security, privacy and the protection of passenger health, but that is the responsibility that this Parliament endorses and which it entrusts to you. We hope that we can have this information and that you and the European Data Protection Supervisor will give it to us. We need some more data in order to be able to make a confident decision on how useful these body scanners are."@en1

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