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"The rising power that is China is having an enormous impact on the process of sustainable development in Africa, but we must bear in mind that African states are responsible for the overall impact of the presence of foreigners and foreign organisations or governments on their territory. Both the EU and China are acting to promote security, peace and sustainable development in Africa, but the EU is the greatest donor and the main trade partner for Africa as things currently stand. Although China has a raft of positive experience through lifting 400 million of its own citizens out of extreme poverty over the past 25 years, we must nevertheless concentrate on the enormous social and economic inequities, as well as the alarming degradation of the natural environment, the restriction of fundamental freedoms and low employment standards. We must monitor the exploitation of African natural resources, as it may lead to their total exhaustion and the spread of corruption, as well as to a deepening of social inequality and the instigation of conflicts, which will have a negative impact on the development of African countries. It is precisely the Western states’ trade and consumption that is having the effect of increasing China’s demand for African natural resources, resulting in increasing CO2 emissions in developing countries. No less important is the fact that WTO membership brings in its train a series of obligations that China is inadequately honouring. The EU should raise the issue of justice in relation to trade, climate and other problems as part of trilateral cooperation with China and Africa."@en1

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