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"This annotation property links a subproperty of prov:wasInfluencedBy with the subclass of prov:Influence and the qualifying property that are used to qualify it. Example annotation: prov:wasGeneratedBy prov:qualifiedForm prov:qualifiedGeneration, prov:Generation . Then this unqualified assertion: :entity1 prov:wasGeneratedBy :activity1 . can be qualified by adding: :entity1 prov:qualifiedGeneration :entity1Gen . :entity1Gen a prov:Generation, prov:Influence; prov:activity :activity1; :customValue 1337 . Note how the value of the unqualified influence (prov:wasGeneratedBy :activity1) is mirrored as the value of the prov:activity (or prov:entity, or prov:agent) property on the influence class."@en

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